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We have a new website:
Please click here to go to our new website.
Please make a note of this and update your bookmarks accordingly.



NOTE:  We have a new website:  Please make a note of this and update your bookmarks accordingly.
The SKKA Academy is a International Organization with students Worldwide. We offer affordable Martial Arts Training through home study. There are never any contracts to sign. You train at your own pace and there are never any timelines to meet. Choose from a selection of our effective and simple martial arts home systems and programs. We will continue to offer new courses over time as we expand our services.
We have students all over the World that are learning these exciting and easy but effective stsyems! This is a great alternative for those who do not want to wait for any of our ebay listings to end, just buy it here right now.
OBTAINING RANK IN Shorinkenjitsu & American Tiger Jujitsu:
"The weapons course comes with a certificate of completion by mail automatically."
Rank can be achieved via video testing in any video format:
1. Video testing either on a CD, DVD, or VHS Tape. We will review it and will grade you. Once you pass your certificate will be emailed to you accept for your Black Belt. Your Black Belt certificate will be snail mailed to you so that you may frame it with pride. All belts will be mailed to student on a per test basis, yellow belt test you will receive your yellow belt in the mail, orange belt test, etc. get what you put into it! so be honest when using the Honor System and do not abuse it. You are only cheating yourself by not practicing and learning the techniques truly so be sincere when using this form of getting rank. 
Please remember that the SKKA is not a high and fancy organization. We do not have fancy music, no fancy backgrounds, no fancy titles on the screen, and no fancy dojo's in our videos. Our videos range from 15 minutes up to over 1 hour or more depending on the course. These are all home videos and the techniques in these home videos were carefully selected to creat a basic practical system that is recognized by the VKA, AFJ, MAMF, and the Konjo Ryu Combat Martial Arts Union.
We are up-front as these courses are not for everyone and we are not trying to please any particular person or group. The courses are basic and go into the techniques which is what is important at hand. This is exactly why we are able to keep our prices low and provide the savings to the students. Please feel free to contact us first with any questions.
Whether you want to learn a new style or obtain some new knowledge to add to your existing style or school, we have it for you. Please browse below for our self defense systems, and weapon courses for purchase.

American Tiger Jujitsu on CD


Shorinkenjitsu Kenpo Karate on DVD



The SKKA Academy is pleased to offer basic Yoga Level I training certificate. You can learn the history, and techniques of Yoga and then in turn:
1. offer it to your students as an extra class 
2. start a school or class for Yoga.
3. Learn for your own benefit as many have done.
We have teamed up with in order to be able to offer to you this outstanding e-course. Once purchased, you will be emailed the e-course and keep for your reference and to study the art of Yoga which has been around for centuries.
You will be mailed a basic Level I Certificate upon purchase of the e-course. We encourage all students to understand the arts and to accept all arts, become well diversified, study Yoga for your benefit today.
For more information, please visit:
Order code: YOGA
Cost Just: 15.99


SKKA Academy clothes, and more.
There have been many requests lately for the SKKA to come out with shirts, etc.
The SKKA Academy is proud to offer shirts, sweaters, clocks, buttons, and other merchandise for students to choose from.
Please click on the picture above to be directed the our new shop. New items will be added soon.
We are also in the works on producing more patches for our systems. There has been many requests and not enough were produced in the last run. Once we get them we will post on the SKKA Website!
Thank you and enjoy.

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If you have questions please email us at:
Click on "Buy it Now" button to buy your program or products.

IF USING  Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, or Personal Checks for PAYMENT METHODS PLEASE Email us using the order codes listed below the price when submitting orders by email or snail mail. I will then email you the total and you may mail off payment. Please email us first though. 
Domestic Orders
All domestic orders in the US are free and will be shipped USPS First class.
International Orders
International orders are free and will be shipped standard airmail.

The manuals are electronic and will be emailed to you.
**For the certificate courses, the certificates come standard business card size as the norm.
Rank Certificates for Shorinkenjitsu and American Tiger Jujitsu will be sent on 8 1/2 x 11 standard size sheet. 
Disclaimer / Buyer waiver policy.....
The Academy, founders, authors, owners, webmaster, are not liable nor responsible in any way should a death, accident, or injury result to either the student, friends, partners, or strangers as a result from any of the materials including CD's / DVD's, products and any and all written and electronic text from the SKKA Academy, its website, and auctions. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase from this website and our auctions. Please consult a doctor first should you have any medical condition before practicing and material from our website, and auctions. All materials are for academic use only, Our certificates issued by this Academy are certified only from the SKKA Academy and the VKA Association. Buyer assumes all risks. Furthermore, under NO circumstances is any of this material, products, and programs offered on this website or any of its auctions are to be critized, reviewed by any organization, association, School / dojo, or any other persons including press in any negative way either print, posted on any website, or verbally spoken that would hame the SKKA Academy. We do not allow that as a policy. Any persons who break this policy are commiting a libel or slanderous offense. Buyer agrees to all the statements, rules, policies, and hereby agrees to this disclaimer / waiver policy in FULL when making any purchase to any material on this website, and any of our auctions. Once again, buyer assumes all risk. Black Belts and certifications offered by any of these courses and programs are not a license and we are not an entity that grants any kind of license. It is the responsibility of the student to look up the local codes and laws of their community. No persons are allowed to buy, purchase, or acquire any of this material, courses, or texts and anything for sale website or any of our auctions on ebay for anything other than to learn the material. None of these articles are to be used for any other reason, no press, no political means, no research means. The SKKA reserves the right to refuse to sell any courses to any persons at any time for any reason.
These courses are not for everyone and we do not have fancy editing, no fancy music or background. The cost is low because we use minimal technology to produce fair to good quality DVD courses which many students have benefited from. All of Our certificates are only recognized by the SKKA Academy and does not satisfy any kind of academic requirement as the SKKA Academy is not any kind of college or University institution.This encompasses all items and all links related to this site, and all items, product, text, etc either for sale or for free.

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