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SKKA Academy's Web based Self-Defense Text Site
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Use any of or all of these warm up techniques for your own system.


            In a Fighting stance or standing normal

  1. Outside block; Forward punch
  2. Outside; Inside blocks; Forward punch
  3. Lead Leg Front kick; Rear Leg Front kick



            In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Back Horizontal Elbow Strike; Forward punch (same hand)
  2. Upward Arm block; Downward Hammer strike (same hand)
  3. Roundhouse Kick; Hand Sword Chop (same side of body)



             In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Back Elbow strike; Forward punch; Downward Back Hammer fist (same hand)
  2. Horizontal Elbow; Horizontal Elbow other side; Spinning Back Fist (same hand)
  3. Inside Block; Spinning Back Fist
  4. Jump Side Kick; Back Kick (same Leg)


             In a fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Rear Scoop Kick; Back Horizontal Elbow
  2. Outside Parry block (lead hand); Web hand Strike (rear hand); Forward Palm strike (lead hand)
  3. Front Scoop Kick; Front Knee Kick
  4. Inside Block; Spinning Back Fist; Jump Front Kick



             In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Double Upward Wedge block; Double downward Hammer strike
  2. Inside block; Forearm strike (lead hand); Round Head punch
  3. Rear leg Knee Kick; Downward Elbow strike; Stomp kick
  4. Front leg front snap kick; rear leg advancing diagonal kick; forward punch rear hand  


             In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Leg Lift block (PROTECTS FROM A SWEEP); Side kick (both with lead leg); Spinning Hook kick
  2. Knee block (lead leg); Front Jump kick
  3. Lead Leg Hook kick; Front kick; Spinning Back Fist
  4. Lead hand inside block; forearm strike (same hand); grab attacker with both hands and apply front head butt; rear leg front knee strike; stomp kick (same leg)


            In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

  1. Drop down back kick; Spinning back fist(L); Forward Punch
  2. Double Open hand Clap; Knee kick
  3. Front kick (Rear Leg); Down Hammer kick (Rear leg); Left leg Stomp kick
  4. Rear leg advancing low Round House kick to knee area; lead hand back knuckle strike (horizontal); rear leg Diagonal knee kick


            In a Fighting Stance or standing normal

1.    Lead hand jab; back fist strike to your left side (same hand); back fist to your other side (other hand while still facing forward)

2.    Open hand (palm facing out) Outside block; 2 Finger hook strike to eyes (same hand); other hand hair grab almost same time

3.    In a left stance,(Falling Backward to the ground) Front Kick (right leg); Side Kick (left leg); Back Kick (right leg); stand up

4.    (Left hand) Back elbow strike; side elbow strike; forward punch to your right side (turning your body to 3 O’clock) (same hand)


These are suggestive techniques only. The SKKA Academy is not responsible or liable in any way should any kind of injury, death or property damage in any way occur as a result of applying any of the material and techniques from the SKKA Aacademy website, books, videos, cd, or any electronic material and including any form of learning tool from this academy at any time. students must be 18 years or older to practice. buyer assumes all risk.
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