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SKKA Academy of Martial Arts

SKKA Rank Recognition & Memberships

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SKKA Rank Recognition & Memberships
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Unique opportunities for SKKA Members.........
The SKKA Academy of Martial Arts offers the following:
1. School Charter
2. Certificate grading by the President of the SKKA
    (The SKKA President Signature on your students certificate)
3. School Directory
4. Black Belt Membership in the SKKA Black Belt    International dojo.
5. Founder's Recognition certificate.

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Have your school registered with the SKKA Academy. Not only will your students have rank certificates through your dojo, they will also receive their grading certificates from our Academy as well. As a Charter School, you will receive a School Charter Certificate and your school / dojo will be mentioned in our website as a link if you have a web page.
Yearly Membership  Cost only $20 per year
Lifetime membership is $100
(Lifetime membership includes free dojo registry, and free rank certificates for your students.)
  Yearly Membership

Lifetime Membership



When your student tests for their rank in your dojo, you may wish to also have a grading certificate from the SKKA Academy signed by the President. Every Dojo is different, but we do offer them here for a small fee. The certificate will be mailed to your dojo so that you may present it to your student along with your own certificate from your dojo.

Cost just $10 per student per certificate




Have your website and address listed here for advertisement purposes. You may also submit an article on a subject pertaining to the martial arts as well. We will display the article for a month but you will be able to keep your school information on our website under our directory for ever.

Cost just $25.00


SKKA Academy
System Founder's Recognition Certificate


As a Black belt in any style; have you put together your own set of techniques, katas, forms, and attacks? This is freestyle and is widely accepted today. Martial arts were created by ordinary people and not Gods, or Super heroes.
The martial arts must change and adapt as does everything else in this modern world we live in.
If you have created your very own martial arts style, we can recognize you today! Be recognized. Along with your certificate your website if you have one will be posted in our links page and your furst name and last initial will be posted in our webpage along with the name of your style.
We also do the same for weapons too.
The conditions that apply are: 1. That person requesting Founders Certificate for either a new system or a weapon system must  be a black belt in another style, no exceptions.
2. The SKKA might as a discretion, email the applicant for their list of requirements for their style to be founded as validation.
We only charge $0.50 for processing and shipping.
Founder of a martial style Certificate
Price just $50.00
Order Code: FCERT
Weapons Founder Certificate
Price Just $50.00
Order Code:FCERTW

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