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Comments and feedback
Comments and feedback
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Read what others say! 

I think it's very effective. I especially like the fact that its street oriented and not just learning forms, etc.
Jack R
Some of the combinations were quite inventive and original.
I appreciate the opportunity to acquire the info.
Walt P
I am currently one of your students, I love your system. Thank you.
James S
Great karate mdse and super quick
turn! Recommend seller very 
highly!!! A+++++
Buyer   catch
Very Good Stuff......
Buyer   whizman
A+++++ I love the product!! Will 
definately buy from again!!
Buyer   jstoller13
Reviewed product excellent step 
by step instructions!
Buyer   smontnw
great item......techniques look 
good....looking forward to adding 
to my aresenal
Buyer   bonebr
Its a good no nonsense freestyle program you have going here.
Michael R.

Thanks again for offering this awesome program!!



recently purchased the stick fighting video. I really liked it 20 different strikes, hope to see a volume 2 someday. I went to a kali seminar once, was way expensive and only learned 8 strikes.

Again thank you for the opportunity to train in your system, too bad I didn't find your site sooner .



Excellent system, very impressed with some of the moves. 




I have a friend who teaches at our local Park District and he and I had been going over some of the techniques. He was also impressed with the Shorinkenjitsu system and how simple and effective it is.




Awesome System, awesome website! Thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to train in your systems, a much needed benefit.

Thank you.


more to come.