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The meaning of Shorinkenjitsu 

Shorinkenjitsu is a Freestyle system created by Master Ernest and approved by and certified by several professional martial arts associations like the Valadez Kenpo Association, American Federation of Jujitsu, Independent Martial Arts Federation, Martial arts Masters Federation, and the Eagle Tiger Federation to name a few.


SHORINKENJITSU WORDS CAN MEAN 3 THINGS: Shorin = Shorin Ryu, Ken = Kenpo, Jistu = Jitsu or Jujitsu. It is a system of 3 different styles put together. It is a modern Freestyle and believes in using what techniques work for each student. You learn the tools and how you put tools to work is up to you the student. Some style say that this technique or that technique are the only way to do it. Well they do not take into consideration the students abilities. What if the student is old, big, small, strong, or weak? A particular technique will not always work for every person with the same effect.


Shorinkenjitsu shows you a bunch or prearranged techniques but if you choose to use another technique taken from another self-defense technique then that is fine. Meaning, learn the techniques and come up with your own combination of techniques based on what you have learned as use them. Expand your mind and use your knowledge in a well-rounded forum and not just on the plain and narrow. Believe in all possibilities and options. Study in as many styles as possible and incorporated them into your own system, a system that works for you. This method and ideas are becoming more and more popular over the years. Just look at many of the professionals of today. Everyone has changed or adapted to the times just like anything else.


Study and learn for yourself and grow with knowledge, expand your ideas and abilities is what Shorinkenjitsu is all about.


Thank you.

Technique requirements by belt level.